Thursday, July 20, 2017

Residual Clause of career offender guideline valid for MD robbery with dangerous weapon

US v. Riley:  On appeal, Riley challenged his classification as a career offender, arguing that his prior conviction for Maryland robbery with a dangerous weapon was not a predicate “crime of violence” to enhance his sentence (from a guidelines range of 21-27 months to a whopping 210-262 months).  Riley did not object at the time of sentencing, so the Fourth Circuit reviewed Riley’s issue for plain error, instead of review de novo.

The Fourth Circuit held that the district court did not err in classifying Riley as a career offender, as Maryland robbery with a dangerous weapon “fits comfortably” within the residual clause’s definition of a crime of violence.  Despite Johnson and because of Beckles, the Fourth Circuit concluded, the residual clause of the career offender guideline remains valid.

(Decided 5/9/17).

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