Monday, February 23, 2009

Applicable 3582 "Sentencing Range" Is Pre-Departure

US v. Donnell: This another retroactive crack case. To be eligible to receive a reduced sentence under 3582(c)(2), a defendant's sentence must be "based on" a sentencing range that was subsequently lowered by the Sentencing Commission. The issue in the pair of cases consolidated here was whether, in situations where the offense level but not the sentencing range changes (because the offense level is so high) and the defendants received a substantial assistance departure at sentencing, are the defendants eligible for a reduced sentence? The district courts said no.

The Fourth Circuit, again, agreed. The court rejected the defendants' argument that the proper "sentencing range" that must change is the one on which the district court relied after departing downward. Departures, the court concluded, do not result in a new sentencing range. The only sentencing ranges are those produced as the result of Guideline calculations. Therefore, regardless of the method used by the district court to arrive at its departure sentence, that does not constitute a new sentencing range that can be lowered by a future amendment to the Guidelines.

In spite of that holding, the Fourth Circuit did reverse one of the defendants' denials, as it turned out that the district court judge had worked on his original criminal case as an AUSA a dozen years ago. Both defendants also raised the informal brief argument raised in Hood (with similar results).

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